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What are the dangers if the coke oven door is not tight?

⑴During coking production, since the carbonization chamber is under positive pressure, the loose door of the furnace will cause the waste gas in the carbonization chamber to leak out, affecting the recovery of coke oven gas and chemical products. At the same time, the leakage of waste gas will worsen the operating environment and cause burnout. The iron parts protecting the furnace will cause damage to the coke oven body and shorten the service life of the furnace body.

⑵ If the coke oven door is not tight, air will leak into the carbonization chamber and burn part of the coke due to pressure fluctuations in the gas collecting pipe at the end of coking, increasing the ash content in the coke and reducing the quality and yield of the coke. At high temperatures, local nodules will occur when ash interacts with the furnace wall, causing damage to the coke oven body.

⑶ If the coke oven door is not tight, it will cause pressure fluctuations in the carbonization chamber, causing serious damage to the graphite in the joints of the furnace wall bricks, causing the furnace walls to leak from each other, destroying the heating system of the coke oven, and affecting the temperature and pressure control of the coke oven. bring difficulties.

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