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What are the common causes of coke oven door leaks? How to avoid it?

Coke oven door leakage refers to the phenomenon of leakage in the oven door during the production process of the coke oven, causing high-temperature gas and coke in the oven to leak out. This will affect the normal operation of the coke oven, increase energy consumption, and may also cause negative effects on the environment. Influence. Common causes of furnace door leakage mainly include ageing of the oven door material, loose door sealing, heating equipment failure, improper operation, etc.


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1. Aging of coke oven door materials

The furnace door is subjected to high temperature and pressure for a long time and is prone to material ageing, deformation, cracks, etc., which leads to a decrease in the sealing performance of the furnace door and leakage. To avoid this situation, the furnace door can be made of materials that are more resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, inspect and maintain the furnace door regularly, and replace the furnace door material promptly.

2. The coke oven door is not tightly sealed

The sealing performance of the oven door directly affects the operating efficiency and energy consumption of the coke oven. If the sealing is not tight, it will cause high-temperature gas and coke to leak out, resulting in a waste of energy. To avoid lax sealing of the furnace door, better sealing materials and sealing structures can be used, and seals should be inspected and replaced regularly to ensure that the furnace door is well sealed.

3. Coke oven heating equipment failure

In the cold season, to avoid freezing inside the coke oven, heating equipment is often used to heat the furnace door to maintain a certain temperature. However, if the heating equipment fails and cannot work properly, the temperature of the furnace door will drop, causing the furnace door material to shrink, causing the furnace door to leak. To avoid this from happening, the coke oven heating equipment needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation.

4. Improper operation of coke oven

During the operation of the coke oven, the operator needs to close and open the oven door promptly and accurately. If the operation is improper and the oven door is not tightly sealed, leakage will occur. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to strengthen the training and education of coke oven operators to ensure that they are proficient in coke oven operating skills and avoid oven door leakage caused by improper operation.

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