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What are the benefits of CG iron coke oven door compared to gray irons and ductile irons?

When compared to grey irons, CG iron coke oven door is more heat resistant and wear resistant.

CG Iron resists cracks and will not break under frequent “hot and cold” changing environment while the chrome heat-resisting gray iron tends to break under the same condition. Additionally, the heat resistance fatigue performance is much higher for CG iron than gray iron.

Regarding maintenance, the Strengths, Hardness and Impact toughness is much higher in CG iron compared to gray irons and this gives CG Iron jambs much better resistance to wear from cleaning equipment. CG iron jambs resist wear from cleaning equipment better  than grey iron adding to their service longevity.

When comparing to ductile iron, there is no warpage (no deformation) due to stable elongation-resists deformation resulting from the heating/cooling cycle. Unlike ductile iron jambs, CG jambs can be taken out of service for repairs on the battery and reused without warping.

Coke Iron Door Jambs used in a coke oven battery must stay with no deformation in service to avoid gas leaks and consequent environmental issues.  When the Door jambs are taken out of service for some maintenance job in the oven, they are put on the floor where they cool down. After the maintenance job is done, the Door Jambs have to be inspected to check if they deformed due to the thermal shock caused by the sudden cooling. CG iron for Coke Iron Door Jambs is expected to be more stable than ductile iron and have minimum warpage after use.

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