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Replacement plan for 7.63m coke oven door frame in hot state

Background: Structural Deterioration Impacting Production

Structural issues in the ongoing Coke Oven Project have jeopardized production stability. After years of operation, certain 7.63-meter coke oven components have deteriorated, compromising sealing integrity and safety. Replacement of door frames is imperative to mitigate risks and ensure seamless operations.

Current Status of Coke Oven Door Frames

Coke oven door frames exhibit partial breakage in the upper beam, with some experiencing suspension or detachment in the center. Mid-frame breakage causes misalignment and deformation, hindering smooth door removal and installation, and reducing carbonization chamber width.

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Cause Analysis

Roof brick breakage results from unstable, elevated furnace top space, causing direct flame contact and subsequent fractures. Inadequate sealing, insufficient fixing screws, and burnt sealing blade edges lead to uneven heating and fractures. Unstable gas collecting pipe pressure damages door blade edges. Protective plate grouting stress causes deformation or breakage. Ineffective cleaning systems risk loose sealing and furnace column damage. Heavy rain exacerbates protective plate deformation.

Challenges and Countermeasures in Job Replacement

Before altering furnace numbers, inspect corresponding equipment and bodies, adjusting springs and repairing damaged walls promptly. Utilize trucks for replacements, ensuring unified command and skilled drivers. Address fractures pre-removal, welding and reinforcing frames as needed. Remove protective plates to prevent deformation during removal. Align new frames accurately and preheat before installation.

Preparation and Replacement Plan

Install replacement racks and special doors, and create clamps for secure movement. Prepare equipment, including wrenches, seals, cleaning tools, and a crane. Replace coke gradually to stabilize temperatures. Empty chambers before replacement to minimize construction time.

Replacement Steps

Apply adhesive to affix asbestos rope and fiber blanket to new frames. Weld support plates and remove existing doors and plates. Replace with special doors, repair frames, and fix cross iron and hooks. Utilize lift trucks for T-bolts removal and slowly remove doors. Align and install new frames, preheat, and adjust spring pressure. Remove broken bricks and install wear-resistant plates. Replace special doors and adjust spring pressure.

Efficient and safe replacement of furnace door frames in the Coke Oven Project ensures production stability and safety, addressing structural challenges effectively.

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