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Coke oven door

LMMGROUP is china’s largest producer of Coke Oven Doors & Assemblies. We have manufactured and supplied more than 13,000 Doors, world wide. Our Coke Oven Air Cooled doors conform to latest environment control standards with almost no Emissions.

Turn to LMM GROUP for a superior solution to minimizing the warpage and cracking that occurs when coke oven castings go through many years of the heating/cooling cycle. Our new technology can greatly help reduce maintenance costs and improve air quality by reducing leaks during the operation of coke ovens. Our Coke Oven Air Cooled doors conform to latest environment control standards with almost no Emissions.  Call or email us to learn more.


High sealing performance: Gas sealing performance is 8 to 10 times better than that of the existing conventional coke oven door.

Long life: Door body is strong enough for usage beyond 30 years.

Easy adjustment: Adjustment to fit knife edge to bowed door jamb is easy. Once you make adjustment after putting the door in position, you need not to do any additional adjustment till the door goes out of service.

Easy maintenance: Cartridge type gas sealing unit can be exchanged after 5 to 6 years of service within an hour.

Good gas sealing capability: After exchanging of Cassette / Cartridge, the Gas sealing performance of the door would

coke oven door

The Compacted Graphite Coke Oven Door

The Compacted Graphite Advantage
After years of comparisons, it was found that doors and frames made from gray iron are easy to break and crack. Additionally, doors and frames made from ductile iron are easy to deform and deflect. Avoid this by using our products. LMM make our coke oven doors and frames from compacted graphite (CG).

The same higher life in service of doors and jambs made from CG iron with no cracks and with no deflection applies for other cast iron parts, such as goose-necks, goose-neck extensions, leveler doors, leveler door frames, and charging hole frames and covers.

Our supplier has over 35 years of experience in the development and production of CG parts. Having mastered the ability to reproduce the CG matrix consistently, you can count on their products to last. This long experience with CG iron has shown that it can be used as a superior solution to the problem of warpage and consequent leaks that are caused by long exposure to high temperatures when using parts made in ductile iron. Another advantage of the CG iron is its higher mechanical strength than gray iron that prevents against cracks.

As a key component of coking equipment, the durability of coke oven doors plays an important role in the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment. The following will introduce the durability of coke oven doors in detail from aspects such as material selection, manufacturing process, and operating environment.

1. In Terms Of Material Selection, Usually Use High-Temperature Alloy Materials.
The furnace door material needs to have high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties to adapt to the high temperature, high pressure and highly corrosive working environment of the coke oven. Commonly used high-temperature alloy materials include nickel-based alloys, chromium-molybdenum alloys, titanium alloys, etc. These materials have excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain good strength and toughness at high temperatures. They also have good anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance and will not show obvious corrosion and wear under long-term high temperatures, thus ensuring Coke oven door durability.

2. In Terms Of The Manufacturing Process, The Durability Is Closely Related To The Manufacturing Process.
Are usually manufactured using casting, forging and other processes. During the casting process, parameters such as casting temperature, pouring speed, and cooling rate can be controlled to ensure that the internal structure of the coke oven door material is uniform and dense and that its strength and toughness are improved; during the forging process, the internal structure of the material is changed through forging deformation. be improved to further enhance its mechanical properties. In addition, the coke oven door needs to be precision processed to ensure its sealing with the coke oven body, avoid leakage and heat loss, and extend its service life.

3. In Terms Of Operating Environment, Are Usually In High Temperature, High Pressure, And Highly Corrosive Working Environments.
The internal temperature of the coke oven usually reaches above 1000°C, the internal pressure is high, and there is corrosion from the coke oven gas. This places higher demands on the durability of coke oven doors. Therefore, these factors need to be taken into consideration during the design and manufacturing process of coke oven doors, and corresponding anti-corrosion and heat insulation measures should be taken. For example, the surface of the coke oven door is covered with a high-temperature and corrosion-resistant coating to enhance its anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion capabilities; a heat insulation layer is installed inside the coke oven door to reduce heat conduction and improve its high-temperature resistance.

4. To Have Good Opening And Closing Performance And Sealing Performance To Ensure The Normal Operation Of The Coke Oven.
The coke oven door needs to be able to open and close stably under high-temperature and high-pressure working conditions, and to work closely with the coke oven body to prevent gas leakage and heat loss. Therefore, in the design and manufacturing process of coke oven doors, factors such as the selection of sealing materials and the design of the sealing structure need to be taken into consideration to ensure the opening and closing performance and sealing performance of the oven door and improve its durability.

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