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Coke oven door frame

LMM GROUP Repair coke oven doors and ancillary devices to provide advanced technical services to help solve various technical problems in installing and adjusting oven doors, as well as furnace door gunfire smoke problems.

Povide high-quality knife edge webs, small oven doors, brick troughs, and oven door frames. and various accessories to extend the service life of coke ovens, achieve zero inventory on site, and effectively control surrounding environmental pollution, playing an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of my country’s steel enterprises and green manufacturing.

The coke oven door frame is an important coke oven equipment for the coke oven. It not only supports the oven door, but also provides protection for the oven body to adapt to the stress changes caused by the thermal expansion of the masonry. When the protective pressure of the masonry is insufficient or cannot be adjusted, the masonry will suffer varying degrees of damage, cracks will appear, and the structural strength will be significantly reduced, which will seriously cause the collapse of the furnace head and the deformation of the carbonization chamber wall, affecting the normal production of the coke oven. Therefore, keeping the oven door frame intact is crucial to extending the service life of the coke oven.

The coke iron door frames used in coke oven batteries must remain undeformed during use to avoid gas leakage and subsequent environmental problems. When the door frames are out of service for some maintenance work in the oven, they are placed on the floor to cool. After the maintenance work is completed, the door frame must be checked for deformation due to thermal shock caused by sudden cooling. CG iron for use in cast iron door frames is expected to be more stable than ductile iron and will have minimal warping after use.

Coke door frame

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