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Coke oven door sealing

Coke oven door sealing

This article describes the hazards of coke oven doors that are not tightly sealed, the causes of smoke, and the measures to control and prevent smoke.

Keywords: coke oven door; sealing; smoke

The dangers of poorly sealed coke oven door

In our daily production process of coke ovens, due to the constant opening and closing of the oven doors, there is a high probability that the coke oven door will not be tight. So what are the dangers if the coke oven door is not tight? There are mainly the following types:

  1. In coking production, since the carbonization chamber is under positive pressure, the loose door of the furnace will cause waste gas in the carbonization chamber to escape, affecting the recovery of coke oven gas and chemical products. At the same time, the escape of waste gas will worsen the operating environment, burn out the iron parts protecting the furnace, cause damage to the coke oven body, and shorten the service life of the furnace body.
  2. The coke oven door is not tight. At the end of the coking process, due to pressure fluctuations in the gas collecting pipe, air will leak into the carbonization chamber and burn part of the coke, increase the ash content in the coke, and reduce the quality and output of the coke. At high temperatures, local nodules will occur when ash interacts with the furnace wall, causing damage to the coke oven body.
  3. If the coke oven door is not tight, it will cause pressure fluctuations in the carbonization chamber, which will damage the graphite in the joints of the furnace wall bricks. This causes the furnace walls to leak from each other, destroys the heating system of the coke oven, and makes it difficult to control the temperature and pressure of the coke oven.

Reasons for smoke coming from coke oven door

In coke oven production, the main causes of furnace door smoke include deformation of the furnace frame, damage and deformation of the coke oven door blade edge, insufficient cleaning of the coke oven door frame, inaccurate coke oven door alignment, and lax closure, etc.

(1) The spring fails and the coke oven door blade is deformed or damaged.

(2) Improper operation of removing the coke oven door may damage the coke oven door blade or furnace frame, causing deformation damage and reduced sealing performance, which may in turn cause the coke oven door to smoke.

(3) The furnace door is not cleaned in time and in place, which makes tar and other impurities accumulate thicker and becomes difficult to deal with. Tar and impurities fill the joint between the coke oven door and the door frame, increasing the gap between the furnace door and the door frame. , excessively thick tar and impurities prevent the small furnace door from being effectively locked and closed, resulting in a decrease in its sealing performance and causing smoke and fire.

(4) The pressure of the gas collecting pipe fluctuates. If the pressure of the gas collecting pipe is improperly controlled and the gas collecting pipe is too high, it will cause excessive pressure in the carbonization chamber. In addition, if the coke oven door is not tightly sealed, waste gas will escape from the gaps in the coke oven door. The higher the pressure, the more serious the smoke will escape, causing the furnace door to smoke and fire, which will affect the coke oven production environment. The suction of the gas collecting pipe is insufficient, the gas pressure in the furnace top space cannot be released, and it is very easy for the coke oven door to smoke.

Measures to prevent and control smoke from coke oven door

To prevent and reduce coke oven door smoke and fire, the most fundamental thing is to take measures to improve the sealing performance of the oven door.

(1) Strengthen furnace door repairs. In the daily production of coke ovens, a special maintenance system should be developed to conduct regular maintenance of the oven door, and promptly repair the oven door with damaged blade edges and loose sealing.

(2) Strengthen the cleaning of furnace doors and furnace frames.

(3) Improve the operating level of drivers and strictly control coke pushing and coal loading operations.

(4) Stabilize the pressure of high-pressure ammonia water and gas collecting pipe.

(5) Strengthen coke oven temperature management.

In general, to reduce the risk of smoke and fire from the coke oven door, the main thing is to strengthen the sealing of the coke oven door. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the coke oven door and furnace frame and clean the coke oven door during production, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. At the same time, the pressure control of the gas collecting pipe should be strengthened. Only in this way can the problem of smoke and fire from the coke oven door in coke oven production be effectively controlled, the pollution emissions of coking enterprises can be reduced, and the clean production of enterprises can be promoted.

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