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Coke oven door frame welding

Introduction door frame for coke oven

The coke oven door frame is crucial for furnace protection in coke ovens. It supports the door and protects the oven body from thermal stress. Damage to the door frame can lead to cracks, reduced strength, and collapse. Maintaining the integrity of the door frame is vital for the longevity of the coke oven.

Coke oven door

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The door frame endures mechanical and thermal stress. Abnormal furnace expansion can bend and break the frame, causing operational issues. Historically, damaged frames were replaced entirely, leading to high costs and downtime. Shijiazhuang Coking Group Co., Ltd. tested welding repairs on 6m coke oven door frames, achieving promising results.


The coke oven project uses heat-resistant inoculated cast iron for door frames. This material has low weldability due to its graphite content. The company experimented with different welding techniques and materials. They found that MG29 cast iron electrodes worked best.

Steps for Welding:

  • Use MG29 cast iron electrode.
  • Clean the fracture to ensure debris-free sections.
  • Align the door frame and secure it.
  • Weld uniformly, avoiding fast speeds. Clean slag promptly.
  • Fill the weld pool and clean the surface.
  • Apply curing agent for 5 hours post-weld.
  • Test weld strength, achieving over 300 N/mm tensile strength.



After welding, measure the curvature of the protective plates. If curvature exceeds 30mm, it indicates excessive expansion. Align the new frame to the coke oven’s centerline. Tighten bolts uniformly to prevent deformation. Ensure asbestos rope fits properly and maintain a gap under 3mm between frame and plate.

The coke oven project emphasizes maintaining door frame integrity through effective welding and installation practices. Proper maintenance and adjustments ensure stable production and extend the service life of coke ovens.

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