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Coke oven door and coking method

Introduction to coke oven door

Coke oven is an industrial furnace used for making coke. Its coke oven door is an important part of the coke oven. Its main function is to maintain the stability of the pressure, temperature and atmosphere in the furnace while preventing smoke and dust from leaking out. There are many types of coke oven doors, the common ones are horizontal doors, longitudinal doors and inclined doors.Coke oven doors are also made of various materials, such as cast iron, steel plates, refractory materials, etc.

Coke Oven Door And Frame

Overview of coking methods

Coking is a process in which coal undergoes pyrolysis, polycondensation and other reactions at high temperatures to generate coke. Coking methods are mainly divided into the following categories:

  1. Chamber coking: Chamber coking is a process in which coal is carbonized at high temperatures in a coke oven to produce coke. The advantages of this method are simple equipment, easy operation, and low cost, but the production efficiency is low.
  2. Continuous coking: Continuous coking is a process in which coal undergoes pyrolysis and polycondensation reactions under high temperature and pressure to generate coke. The advantages of this method are high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, but the equipment investment is relatively large.
  3. Pulverized coal coking: Pulverized coal coking is a process in which pulverized coal reacts under high temperature and pressure to generate coke. The advantages of this method are high utilization rate of pulverized coal and good environmental performance, but the equipment is relatively complex.

The influence of coke oven door on coking effect

The coke oven door has an important impact on the coking effect, mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Maintain the stability of the pressure and temperature in the furnace: As the opening part of the furnace body, the coke oven door must be effectively sealed to maintain the stability of the pressure and temperature in the furnace. If the furnace door is poorly sealed, it will cause pressure and temperature fluctuations in the furnace and affect the coking effect.
  2. Control the atmosphere in the furnace: The design and material of the furnace door will also affect the atmosphere in the furnace, thereby affecting the coking effect. For example, the material and structure of the coke oven door will affect the smoke and gas emissions generated during the coking process, thereby affecting the quality and environmental performance of the product.
  3. Improve coking efficiency: As an important part of the coking process, the design and manufacturing quality of the coke oven door will directly affect the coking efficiency. If the coke oven door is poorly sealed or manufactured with low precision, it will lead to heat loss, energy waste and reduced production efficiency.

Coke oven door(7.6m chamber) in France

Development Trend of Coking Technology

With the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the continuous increase of energy consumption, coking technology is also constantly developing and improving. The future development trends of coking technology mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Efficiency: By improving coking processes and equipment, we can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and costs, and achieve efficient production.
  2. Green and environmental protection: Develop low-pollution, low-energy consumption coking processes and technologies to reduce the generation of waste gas, waste water and solid waste, and improve environmental performance.
  3. Intelligentization: Apply information technology and automation technology to realize intelligent control and management of the coking process, improving production efficiency and product quality.
  4. Resource utilization: Improve the utilization rate of solid waste, convert waste into valuable resources, and achieve maximum utilization of resources.

Coke oven door

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