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Application of reverse thinking in coke oven door installation

Application of reverse thinking in coke oven door installation

Abstract: Through the working process of pushing the coke cart to remove the furnace door, the coke oven door is installed in the working state of setting the furnace door, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and greatly shortening the construction period. The role of reverse thinking in the installation of coke oven doors is explained.

Keywords: reverse thinking; coke oven door; oven door installation

In coke oven installation, the installation of the coke oven body is the core of the entire work, and its installation quality directly affects the service life of the coke oven and the economic benefits of the coke oven. In particular, the installation of the furnace door is more important. The current installation method of coke oven doors in my country is to loosen the compression bolts on the knife edge of the coke oven door and then reset it after installation. We made full use of reverse thinking during the installation process of Xingshan Iron and Steel JNX43-2 65-hole coke oven, breaking the traditional installation method and making the installation quality of the coke oven door more ideal and reliable. The results show that this method is simple and easy to operate and is the preferred direction for future coke oven construction.

1 Traditional installation method

The furnace door is made with a special mold at the manufacturer, pressurizes the door bolt, and then adjusts the spring knife edge so that the gap between the knife edge and the working surface of the coke oven door frame is less than 0.05mm. During installation, the door bolt is in a free state. The distance L from the door bolt to the outer edge of the knife edge is greater than the distance L from the working surface of the coke oven door frame to the hook. Before installation according to the drawing requirements, loosen the upper and lower door bolts of the coke oven door and the spring knife edge compression bolt to make L₁ <L₂As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. After installation, the door bolt should be initially adjusted before the oven. The door bolt should be adjusted 4 to 5 days before coal loading. At the same time, the spring knife edge should be initially adjusted. After coal loading, the knife edge should be adjusted until the knife edge is tightly sealed.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of coke oven door frame

In these four adjustment processes, each furnace door has 64 bolts (1), 64 bolts (2), and 64 bolts (3). There are two elastic key screws, a total of 130 furnace doors on both sides of the machine coke, and 25,220 bolts that need to be adjusted. A total of four adjustments are required from disassembly before installation to adjustment after installation. A total of 100,880 bolts need to be adjusted per time, and the workload is very large. Moreover, after the knife edge is adjusted, it cannot be checked with a feeler gauge because the knife edge is located on the inside. The adjustment time between coal loading and coke extraction is only two or three days, and the coke pushing cars and coke blocking cars on both sides of the operating platforms are being tested, which brings great inconvenience to the debugging.

2 Innovative installation method

Before installation, we made full use of the reverse thinking method to carefully study the door removal process of the coke cart and the structural characteristics of the coke oven door. Simulate the door-picking mechanism of the coke push car, use a 16t jack to apply 6~7kN force to the coke oven door bolt, so that L₁<L₂, and then it can be installed. This method only requires adding force to the upper door bolt, and eliminates the need for four bolt adjustments.

Setting the working state of the coke oven door: Remove two of the four M24 bolts on the door bolt spring cover diagonally, and replace their positions with two M24×800 stud bolts. Install the grinding plate (δ=40) that comes with the door on the outside of the stud bolt, and then use a jack to add force to the door bolt so that L₁<L₂ can be installed (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of coke oven door installation tooling

Installation of the furnace door: Use two 5t cranes in the furnace building shed to lift the coke oven door vertically, lean it against the operating platforms on both sides of the coke oven, and apply force to the furnace door in two layers according to Figure 2. Lift the furnace door to the corresponding carbonization chamber, make the door bolt 65mm higher than the hook, and then drop it vertically into the hook. Remove the jack and stud bolts, restore the M24 bolts on the equipment, and install the next coke oven door.


Using the above method, a total of 130 coke oven doors on both sides of the coke machine were installed in just 12 people and 5 days, shortening the construction period by 10 days. In addition, there is no need to adjust the knife edge during the oven, which greatly saves labor and lays the foundation for the overall coke oven installation to set a national record. And there is almost no air leakage after coal loading and production, which proves that this installation method is effective.

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