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Coking Equipment

LMM Group’s coking equipment factory has a construction area of 44,000 square meters and a total investment of 120 million yuan. It has a mould workshop, a casting workshop, a machining workshop, an assembly workshop, and a production workshop. The foundry workshop has formed four production lines for furan resin sand, vacuum lost foam, water glass sand, and ordinary green mould sand mechanical modelling, one 5-ton, one 3-ton intermediate frequency furnace and two 5-ton cupola furnaces, which can undertake the production of nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron For the casting and processing business of graphite cast iron, heat-resistant cast iron, grey cast iron and various types of alloy steel, the company’s newly purchased pipeline gas annealing furnace has stable and controllable furnace temperature, safety and environmental protection, and a roller-passing multi-angle eight-head shot blasting machine. Any surface of the casting can be cleaned, increasing the adhesion of paint and relieving stress on the surface of the casting.

The machining workshop has more than 100 sets of various mechanical processing equipment such as a 13-meter gantry milling machine, a nine-meter gantry planing, milling and grinding machine, and an eight-meter and six-meter gantry milling machine.

In order to ensure the stable improvement of product quality, the company is also equipped with more than 40 sets of various physical and chemical testing equipment such as spectrum analyzers, strength electro-hydraulic material testing machines, electronic metallographic analyzers, and radiographic flaw detectors.

Our company has advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, rich production experience and complete testing methods.

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