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LMM Coking Equipment

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coke oven

About Us

LIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD (LMM GROUP) was established in 2007. It is a cross-industry, cross-regional, diversified, and highly competitive international company with five major sectors: steel, metallurgy, intelligent research and development, food, and aviation.

Our leading products of coking equipment are various large-scale coke oven protection devices. We have advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, rich production experience and complete detection methods.

Our company has gradually realized the integration of product manufacturers and operation service providers, built a national coke oven maintenance centre, and created a diversified maintenance model. Starting from design improvement, we re-engineer the process flow, optimize the on-site maintenance plan, and achieve a full range of coke oven maintenance services to create a smoke-free and clean coke oven site for users.

Coke Oven Protection Devices

Long Service life

Improved Sealing

Easy Maintenance

Improve Stability

  • The service life of the knife edge web (the main wearing part of the coke oven door) is improved (can be increased by more than 50%), and the cost of spare parts is reduced.
  • Improved sealing of coke oven door.
  • Easy inspection and adjustment, convenient for daily maintenance.
  • It ensures that the Coke oven door is parallel to the Coke oven door frame, avoids collision between the Coke oven door and the door frame during use, and improves stability during opening and closing.

Excellent service

All employees of the company provide users with high-quality coking equipment and spare parts with their rich manufacturing experience and technology and comprehensive service system

high quality product

We have extensive product manufacturing experience. Coke oven door products are made of vermicular graphite cast iron, which is resistant to large temperature differences between hot and cold, not easily deformed, has high strength, and has a service life that is 50% longer than traditional materials.

Strong qualifications and equipment

The company has advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, and complete testing methods. It has an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons of metallurgical equipment and spare parts.

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French 7.6m coke oven pre-assembly site
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Lost foam production line
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LMM Partener

LMM Partener
LMM Partener
LMM Partener
LMM Partener
LMM Partener

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